The work of making disciples is the mission of all believers around the world. We seek to support disciple-making ministries and compassion ministries locally and abroad.

There are many missionaries who have had a relationship with Isom’s Chapel members over the years, and we gladly provide opportunities to support these Godly men and women.

Many World Gospel Mission missionaries have spoken at our church and shared what God is doing in the mission field. These missionaries are serving or have served in many areas of the world such as: 

  • The southwestern US (Arizona) - working with the Native American Indians
  • Kenya
  • Florida – working with Haitian Americans
  • Uganda
  • Indonesia
  • Honduras
  • Argentina

Many missionary friends who have served in foreign countries are now serving in the states in areas such as the World Gospel Mission Headquarters, Oregon and Alabama.

We also have friends serving as teachers with Campus Crusade for Christ in China. Another missionary friend is an evangelist with the Frances Asbury Society.  

The Gideons International

The Gideons International is an organization of evangelical Christian men. The Gideon men’s wives are members of the Gideons Auxiliary. Gideons serve God as they place the Bible in 179 countries of the world.

The sole purpose of the Gideons is to win people to Christ by witnessing to them personally and by placing Bibles in the highways and byways of the world, presently at an average rate of over 165,000 daily, 365 days a year. Over 1.2 billion copies of the Bible have been placed and millions have heard about Jesus Christ through this ministry.


Image descriptionRed Bird Mission

The United Methodist Women at Isom’s supports Red Bird Mission, located in Beverly, Kentucky. Red Bird Mission provides spiritual, educational, health, and community outreach ministries. Our Red Bird support is funded by saving Campbell’s Soup labels. These labels are sent to Red Bird Mission to be used to purchase needed items for their school.


For information on how you can support missionaries, contact isomschapel@bellsouth.net.