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Every athlete knows the feeling of playing in the last game of the season. ThImage descriptione one by which the season will be measured and for which their achievements will be most remembered. No one wants to lose “that game.” Passion and pride in each player give rise to abilities not evident by accomplishments observed to this point in the season. How many times have we seen a sporting event end with amazing, unbelievable actions by the competitors on each team. A three point shot at the buzzer to win the game, a long pass completed for a touchdown as time expires, or a walk off homerun in the last game of the season to make the playoffs. A play is etched in the collective memory of the sports world and players are remembered forever for their accomplishments on the field and celebrated by the masses off the field. But what long term positive outcomes can really be attributed to the outcome of “that game?”

What if the feeling of winning “that game” could be etched into our very being, creating an eternity of passion for the desired result and lifting us to greater heights than we could imagine? What if the joy of “that game” was topped only by the knowledge that the outcome was in our favor … every time?

Allow us to introduce you to Upward Sports™. Upward Sports™ partners with around 2600 local churches, including Isom’s Chapel, to provide first-class, organized kids basketball, kids soccer, kids flag football, and kids cheerleading leagues and camps. Isom’s Chapel began offering basketball and cheerleading through Upward Sports™ in 1998 to ensure that Every Child is a Winner™. Now, Isom’s Chapel partners with Lindsay Lane Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, and Good Shepherd United Methodist Church to continue providing the Best Sports Experience™ for every child. But it doesn’t stop there. You see, Upward Sports™ is not just about the outcome of “that game.” It’s about the outcome of “The Game” – the game of life and of eternal salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

By providing a fun sports experience based on healthy competition, Upward Sports™ helps kids develop skills for the sports arena and values for life. Upward Sports™ uses the universal language of sports to connect with kids at a critical age and help them discover and build athletic skills, values, self-confidence and a life-long love of the game. Families benefit from participating in team sports without the hectic travel schedules and win-at-all costs mentality that burn out young athletes. With just a one-hour practice and one-hour game each week, Upward Sports™ fits conveniently into busy family schedules.

Won’t you join us this season, as we learn about Jesus, build a relationship with Him, and celebrate His love for us? Open registration begins October 1st and continues through November 4th. Player evaluations and cheerleader orientation sessions will take place at Isom’s Chapel on Oct 9, 13, 18, and 20.